CBD: a gamechanger for you, me and LMH!

When I began experimenting with the creation our line of #CBD oils, many of you were curious about how I was using cannabinoids in my personal healing journey and I knew I had to share this powerful plant medicine with you. When we released this line just a few months ago, we had NO idea how big this would be or how this would change my business.

The feedback we have received over the last 3 months has been incredible, and I am SO grateful to make these medicines. It's no doubt that the demand for CBD is high, and its still on the rise. Since our release in April, we have only been able to make oils as the orders have come in (thats a 100% sell through!) with 0% inventory. We wanted to make these tinctures more accessible, so we added 3 local retailers in Edmonton, and will be adding many more in Alberta and beyond. We are so blessed that because of this, we are able to support local producers and small family businesses that all have a hand in what makes up these potent potions.

With the demand being high for CBD, its inevitable that our costs will increase. We are also excited to announce that we will also be bringing on some #LMH team members to help scale our production (YAY! FINALLY!) so we can get these little bottle of gold out to you in a timely manner.

This all being said, we hope to offer a fair and competitive price without sacrificing our quality. Effective Monday, August 20th we will be increasing our prices. Please feel free to take advantage of our prices for the remainder of the weekend- and as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making our dreams a reality! xo

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