Freya Rose: Our Birth Story

Hey loves! Its taken some time, but I have finally written Freya's birth story. (A little more difficult to blog these days with a newborn!) But I am so happy and relieved that I have finally taken some time to put it into words. It's funny how our birth, even though only 4 short weeks ago, feels like a lifetime away already. Slowly, the memory and sensations are slipping away from my memory now. It makes me feel nostalgic-now that I see her growing, my body is healing, and im stepping out of my "birth bubble"and into the new reality with a little mini me, my birth seems like it was just a dream.

And it was. When I look back at my birth experience, I feel so overcome with pride, empowerment and joy. All I can think is...I fucking did it!

Before I jump into our birth story, a little back story first...

If you've read My Empowered Fertility Journey blog post, I shared that my husband and I started trying for a baby the spring of 2017. After serving as a birth and post partum doula and specializing in Women's Health as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, it broke my heart to find out, after months of trying, that I had a disease called Hashimoto Thyroiditis which was causing hormonal imbalance, hindering us from conceiving. However, my dream of having a family of my own motivated me exponentially to heal my hashimoto's naturally so that I could achieve optimal health not only for myself, but for a healthy pregnancy and baby...whenever it happened. Looking back, being diagnosed with Hashi's was a blessing as it helped me connect to my body and to spirituality in ways I never have before. It helped me dive deeper into my research into fertility, nutrition, and herbs for women's health. It also encouraged me to discover the potent power of sisterhood. I finally opened up about my struggle with my health and my desire to be pregnant with my community of sisters and did the work around manifestation, meditation and ritual. I have the popular "Goddess Oracle Deck" that I always pulled from when I was looking for divine guidance in my path. The card I pulled again and again, was the Goddess Freya- the Goddess of Fertility + Beauty. I started researching Freya in Norse Mythology, and the more I read about her, the more I began to identify + call on her.

Norse Goddess, Freya