Freya's Moon + Mustard Nursery

I've been dying to share this photo tour of Freya's nursery! Her room is by far my favorite room in the house- its so bright, airy and mystical- just like my girl.

As some of you know, we did not find out the sex of our baby before we had Freya, so I designed this gender neutral nursery at 6 months pregnant, which now TOTALLY suits her little personality- isnt it weird how that happens?

This little nursery is a team effort of some amazing local + small companies (and a little bit of Ikea + Wayfair, here and there!).

I prayed that our baby would love the moon as much as its mama, so I had Camp Vinyl design and install a custom moon phase wall feature. As some of you know, Camp Vinyl is actually my husband and brother in laws company which is located in Leduc- so if you need any custom vinyl done- they are your guys!

A word on cloth diapering...

I was very keen on cloth diapering with our baby- even though everyone told me that it would be way too much work than what it was worth! But actually, I find it to be super simple. My trick is that I have about 20 shells (that I resuse for simple soils) and about 30 inserts. With this amount of diapers, I only end up washing once weekly- which lets be honest- is all I have time for! Another secret is using a good diaper stash bag to put the dirties in- and one that doesnt stink. That's why I use the Funky Fluff diaper bag- it conceals all the smell and holds so many dirties!

And then there's the LMH Baby Care Rituals.... I was beyond excited to finally use my own products on my own baby. I use the Cleansing Bottom Spray for bum cleaning- I just spray directly onto a hemp washable cloth and give her a quick wipe! If you want to get fancy you can also lightly soak the wipes using the Cleansing Bottom Spray + The Prince Lion Heart baby wipe warmer. I also ONLY use Tender Touch massage oil on Freya for moisturization - which kept her skin SO hydrated, even in the dead of winter! When Freya got a little bit of baby acne and cradle cap - Tender Touch cleared it up within a day or two- amaaaazing. I put a little bit into her bath as well for easy application. Another LMH Baby favorite is the Soothing Bottom Butter. I use it for EVERYTHING! Of course its an amazing rash cream- but I use it for all over hydration (and for myself as a quick hand cream). And of course, everything is cloth diaper safe.

A quick LMH Baby Bedtime Ritual:

-Wash baby with Blissful Bubbles botanical bath

-Add a few drops of Tender Touch oil to bath water and a little to the palm of your hand and massage while baby is still in the water

-After drying, apply Soothing Bottom Butter to bum and other dry areas

-Dress baby in jammies, and spray linens, bedding and the area surrounding baby with Mellow Mist.

  • Crib + Dresser: Ikea

  • Fitted Bed Sheet: The Gray Hive

  • Cloth Diaper Bag: Funky Fluff (unfortunately, now out of business)

  • Moon Phase Clock: from my love Trista Davis, purchased at Home Sense

  • Moon Phase Blanket: Home Sense

  • You are my Moon + Stars Sign: Monkey Magoo Creations

  • Mustard Yellow Velvet Curtains: Ikea

  • Rocking Chair: Structube

  • Pouf: Simons

  • Baby Nest: Kadaro

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