Going to visit a new mama? Make her this.

Flowers, onesies, and pacifiers are a sweet gifts to welcome in the arrival of a new baby, but as a post partum doula, I usually recommend that visitors forget the flowers, and bring a meal instead.

Learning how to breastfeed, up multiple times in the night changing diapers, and catching a 30 minute catnap in between feeds while recovering from the birth physically and emotionally is the reality of life with a newborn. It takes a village (for real!) and lots of nourishment to sustain a babymoon.

So, want to show a new mama that you love her, and that you got her back? Bring her food.

I had the pleasure of attending a magical birth this Monday for dear friends of mine, and while getting ready to go over for my post partum visit (today also happens to be her birthday!) I decided to whip up some groaning cake, a traditional post partum cake that involves high energy, high protein and high fat whole foods to make a quick, one handed snack.

I first heard of groaning cake from the book, The Birth House, by Ami McKay, where it was prepared for women during labor, so that she had a nourishing, celebratory meal after the baby arrives. The idea behind the groaning cake is to pack as much nutrients, fat, fibre and protein into one delish pastry. Sounds good, right?