Gua Sha: scrape your way to beautiful skin

Gua Sha is another one of my favorite ancient asian effleurage techniques. Used commonly in acupuncture sessions, traditional chinese therapists believe that by manually scraping the skin, unhealthy bodily matter from tired, congested or even injured areas stimulate oxygenated blood flow to these areas resulting in cellular repair, regeneration and healing. Acupuncturists may use Gua Sha on areas such as the back or neck.

Our Gua Sha stones are created using beautiful polished rose quartz crystal, one of our favorite stones for invoking self love. Truly, all of our beauty ritual tools are a practice of self love and devotion. Just like each of us, each stone is uniquely different and may be made of of different materials and shapes. Our gua sha stones are shaped perfectly for facial contouring and massage.

Before adding gua sha stones to our collection, I had been using gua sha for several months. As some of you know, I struggle with with jaw clenching and like most, hold alot of tension in my face. I personally have found the gua sha to be a HUGE relief for relaxing a tight jaw, especially before bedtime. That said, Gua Sha would be an amazing tool for those struggling with bruxism and TMJ. The W curved shape slides along the jaw line and perfectly fits into the jaw joint.

An unexpected benefit of using Gua Sha for facial massage, is the tonification it brings to the tissues, as well as the fascia. I have noticed that after practicing gua sha regularly (for me, every second evening or 4x weekly) that my skin has been much more clear, especially of black and white heads.

So here is how to use Gua Sha in your self care practice.

1. Start by cleansing your face and moisturizing using one of our facial elixirs.

2. Using the flat side of your gua sha, gently scrape using medium pressure, starting with your cheeks, forehead and then the jawline in a upwards and outwards motion. A little bit of red flush will appear, stimulating blood flow.

3. Using the W shaped side, slide the gua sha from the middle of your skin along your jaw line to the joint and gently massage to release any tension.

4. Gently scrape the neck in a downwards motion to drain the lymph.

You can also incorporate stimulating certain acupressure points, here is a great video that shows you how to do it!

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