HOW-TO + FAQ on Yoni Steaming Therapy

Set up:

Create a sacred, quiet space in your home free of distraction, if possible. Place a heat safe bowl (a glass pyrex bowl will do) underneath the stools opening. (I like to elevate the bowl closer to the opening- a roll of toilet paper seems to be the perfect height for this.) Using your chosen Yoni Steaming herbs (find ours, here) pour the hot water over the herbs, approximately 4 cups.

Squat down over the stool and wrap a long towel or blanket around yourself and the stool. If you find the steam too hot, wait a minute or two to allow the steam to reduce or part your legs slightly while still squatting to release the steam to your comfort level.

How long should I steam for?

The length of steam varies women to women. For women with cycle lengths shorter than 28 days and with excess heat issues (ie, hot flashes, nightsweats or infections) steaming for 10 minutes is recommended. Women with regular cycle lengths or amenhorrhea (absense of menses) will benefit from steam sessions 30 minutes in length.