Mamas, your body does not need to be fixed

This morning, I am trying my best to summarize all that I know about nutrition and pregnancy to present at tonight's Doula Association of Edmonton. Trying to sum up YEARS of knowledge into one hour is way harder than I thought...and for so many reasons.

When I first started my practice at the Lucina Centre here in #yeg, woman would seek me out for nutritional counselling during pregnancy. In a 90 minute session, I would totally bombard them with SO much information about nutritional requirements, charts, supplementation recommendations, prepping the body for birth.... these mamas would walk out of my office totally shell shocked, haha. It felt like they had to undue years of nutrition belief systems, and suddenly become Angela Liddon (@ohsheglows) overnight LOL. Needless to say, many of these clients I did not see again, or else they just hired me to do meal prep for them....

Fast forward 3 years. I had a major revolution which led me to rediscover my intuition. I literally coin this awakening as Intuition Nutrition, and without this key peice, would not have been able to meet my body with respect and healing when it comes to food. I realized how rigid I was with myself, and how by restricting so many foods that I felt were bad for my body, all it offered was guilt and self judgement, instead of a passionate and balanced lifestyle.

I realized that by offering these consults where I would talk for 90 minutes about "holistic pregnancy", that I was missing the most important part of all. Innate. Fucking. Wisdom.

Mamas. Your bodies were not broken. The fact that a human being is growing in your body right now is a sign that your body is fertile, healthy and in optimum welllness ALREADY. Your body does not need to be fixed. It does not need to be managed by anyone else.

I still absolutely beleive in the power of nutritional knowledge so that we can make empowered decisions, absolutely. But if we were taught this knowledge earlier on in our lives, we would not feel that our bodies need to be fixed. If we felt in control and empowered, I am confident we would see less issues in infertility. In "getting your post partum body back". There would be no "mom guilt" when it came to feeding our children. And the cycle would continue.

#peaceonearthbeginswithbirth is so much more than just the way you give birth. Its how you trust your body leading up to it.

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