Pre-Baby, Post Partum Meal Prep (recipes + how tos!)

As some of you know, I am trained and certified as a Post Partum Doula and have provided services to new mamas in Edmonton for over 4 years. If you have never heard of a post partum doula before- we are basically mothers for new mothers! We help by creating comfort and ease for parents welcoming in a new baby into their family by providing evidenced based information and support on infant care, feeding, sleeping and perform light household cleaning. One of my biggest roles as a PPD was to prepare meals for new families in their homes. With my nutritionist background and love for food, I am passionate about creating nourishing meals that help with recovery, milk production and energy.

So, it was a no-brainer for me to arrange a prebaby, post partum meal prep session to give me a head start on having meals on hand for when my own babe comes! At the time of writing, I am 34 weeks pregnant and decided that its time to get prepping! I invited over two of my closest girlfriends to come over and have a "meal prep party" and we're pretty proud of all the meals we created in just a few hours! I have had alot of curiosities and requests for recipes, so I thought I'd share with you what we created.