Recipe: Mushroom Tea, Adaptogenic Chai

It's no secret that I love myself a delicious, creamy, nourishing plant potion. But to be honest, I've found myself slipping in these last few weeks of pregnancy. Chasing a toddler at 35 weeks pregnant is no easy feat, folks. By 1pm this mama is SPENT. So I have found myself succombing to drinking the leftover cold coffee from the morning, or hot coffee from...I can't believe Im gonna say it.... Tim Hortons. I know what youre thinking- wtf! And I truly am paying for it. I've been dealing with the dreaded pregnancy insomnia and honestly, my adrenal glands are likely shrivelled up raisins by its time to kick this afternoon coffee habit in the....bean.

So, I have been making my reishi tea a priority again- because when it comes to filling your cup, nourishing your nervous system, building your immunity, and honoring your heart space- Reishi is QUEEN. It has an EXTREMELY calming, yet still energizing uplift without any of the caffeine. We classify this mushroom (well, most mushrooms) as adaptogens which help the body's response to stress. This mushroom in particular is my favorite at pulling the body out of fight or flight mode. This heightened adrenaline response has become my new norm now that my baby is on the go. I feel like im constantly trying to protect her and one of my eyes is on her at all time while im juggling all the things... but my nervous system is so stressed because of this. Any other mamas out there feel me?

This recipe is a two parter- one of my favorite rituals is making this reishi tea and having it going constantly in my instant pot or crock pot. That way I can have a hot cuppa ready to enjoy on its own or in an elixir. Its super easy to make: