Something new has rolled into the shop!

Find yourself rolling in the way of beauty with our new beautiful, naturally cut jade rollers.

Jade Rolling is an ancient beauty ritual from 7th century China, and possesses many healing qualities. In T

raditional Chinese Medicine, Jade is also known as "The Stone from Heaven" and is used to relax the nervous system, bring relief to stressed organs, and gentle detoxification.

The actual technique of jade rolling itself has many benefits. By manually stimulating the tissue (rolling from the middle of the face outwards) jade rolling drains lymphatic fluids, increases circulation and elasticity, and stimulates collagen production. Jade itself is a naturally cool stone, so when applied to the face can help tighten and shrink pore size, effectively improving skin tone and complexion. 

Our dual ended jade roller features two sizes of stone: wide for rolling along the cheek, forehead, and jawline, while the smaller stone fits perfectly into pressure points and under the eyes to relieve puffiness and tension held in these zones. 

Jade rolling is the perfect accompaniment to our botanical facial ritual line, helping to absorb our botanical elixirs beautifully into the skin. Using these beauty tools is a staple in our LMH Ritual Facial. 

For more information and to purchase, please head over to our shop. 
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