The Birth Story of Forest Leigh

In this story, I share personal and raw details of my pregnancy and birth. The reason behind my share is so that other womxn know that there are alternative options when it comes to management and care of their birthing experience. As a birth worker and womxn's health specialist, I hope that my story inspires pregnant people to choose options that make them feel safe, free and empowered.

A miraculous and mysterious pregnancy.

Maternity Shoot by Shantelle Louise Photography

The two words that come to mind when I think about Forest's birth is sensual, dark and mysterious. Funny enough, her journey here through her conception is not quite different.

After an incredibly difficult journey with fertility with our daughter Freya, we became pregnant with Forest on the Full Moon in June. Her conception felt like a miracle, especially since we didn't find out that we were pregnant until well into the Fall....(!!) Here's the short and sweet....