This Botanical Womb Wand is a soothing and aromatic herbal massage oil used to roll onto lower abdominals/uterus to encourage balance, comfort and ease.


Size: 1oz

Balance Botanical Womb Wand

    • Cramp Bark: just like the name suggests, cramp bark is an anti-spasmodic herb that help can ease cramping. It helps to relieve tension and pain by helping to relax tissues.


    • Clary Sage: known traditionally as a womens herb, clary sage contains a active compound that is structurally similar to estrogen, which helps to bring about healthy estrogen balance. It also has a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system.


    • Frankinsence: an ancient resin used for many uses, most popularly though, it is used as an anti-inflammatory. This can help with bloating, indigestion, and reducing stress related hormones. In addition, Frankinsence helps significantly with scar tissue reduction.


    • Moonstone: A traditional stone for ebbing and flowing with the moon's tides, which help for attuning to the feminine cycle.