Pumpkin spice and everything nice, except there is nothing "basic bitch" about this blend...⁠

Formulated with adaptogenic and nutrient dense herbs, Holy Basil and Nettle come alive with warming, fall spices like Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cardamom. All drizzled with an organic Pumpkin Spice flavoring... this elixir is bound to be one of your new favorite ways to add these incredibly healthy herbs to your Autumn regime!


The Ritual:

Steep 1 tbsp of herbs per 8oz of hot water and steep for at least 15 minutes in a closed vessel. Drink it as is, hot or cold, topped with steamed milk, cocowhip, cinny sprinkles...fill your boots and do it up, witch.⁠ 

A little about the herbs in this blend...


Holy Basil: one of my favorite adaptogenic herbs- which is a fancy word for a herb that does it all. Helping your body adapt to high levels of stress by intuitively tweaking hormones to support your body by reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue and increasing energy. 


Nettle: an incredible nutrient dense herb that is high in protein, magnesium, vitamin K and a plethora of trace minerals.  Nettle supports optimal eliminatory functions and nourishes the cells deeply. Also a rich source of chlorophyll.

Basic Witch Tea