for clarified and volumized hair


sizes: 4oz


instantly refreshes and volumizes the hair leaving a clean scent and subtle shimmer. finally, a dry shampoo that actually leaves your hair feeling clean, not tacky and stiff. Upon application, a fresh and tingly sensation clarifies the scalp while Marshmallow and Arrowroot absorb oil to create instant volume. Crown revitalizes the scalp and improves the strength of the hair follicule by use of our signature blend of botanicals. 


Crown can be used on light and dark hair without leaving white residue. 

Crown Botanical Dry Shampoo

  • Marshmallow Root: a classic demulcent herb that absorbs excess oil and instantly adds volume to hair.

    Rosemary: clinically proven to stimulate hair growth, clarifies scalp.

    Peppermint: natural antibacterial that leaves the scalp feeling fresh and clean.