Formally known as the Pregnancy + The Empowered Mother Workshop held by Jill Godin (Nurse + founder of Essentials by Nature) and Lauren Mary (Holistic Doula and founder of Lauren Mary Holistics).

This 4 hour, hands on and educational workshop is designed for women who are looking to optimize their fertility, achieve a healthy pregnancy, and discover how to support a radiant, healthy pregnancy all the way up to birth. Our combined experience as a Nurse, Mom of two + Natural Product Formulator (Jill), Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Birth + Post Partum Doula (Lauren)


This workshop is for:

-Women who are interested in both medical + alternative views of management of health

-Women who are planning for a future pregnancy, are trying to conceive, or are currently pregnant

-Women with reproductive and hormonal issues, disorders who wish to seek more information on alternative health treatments

-Birth and/or Post Partum Doulas, Birth Workers, Nurses

In this workshop we will be discussing:


  • Optimal nutrition for hormone balance + egg health

  • How to correct hormonal imbalance using nutrition + plant medicine

  • How to use FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) to gain a deeper understanding + connection to your fertility

  • Assisted Pregnancy: the process on using pharmaceuticals and fertility technology to achieve a pregnancy + discovering benefits as well as side effects.

Prenatal Health:

  • Prenatal Nutrition: Let's cover all the bases for optimal pregnancy health

  • Herbs + Supplements: What is recommended + what can I use safely?

  • Symptom Management: What can I use to treat common aches and pains?

  • Doctor + Midwife Appointments: What questions should I be asking? 

Birth Preparation: 

  • Holistic Remedies for Birth Prep: How can I prepare my body for a vaginal birth or a cesearean using alternative medicines such as herbs, essential oils, and supplementation?

DIY Workshop:

Create your own herbal Full Womb Belly Massage oil for optimizing your menstrual cycle, nourishing your skin and loving up your belly.



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Empowered Fertility + Pregnancy


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