Unscented Herbal Dry Body Oil

size: 4oz


nourishing skin nutrition for every body, every day. formulated as a dry oil- this means that it has superior absorption that leaves your skin hydrated, not greasy. This herbal body elixir is unscented, allowing you the freedom to be au naturel, or to add one of our signature essential oil blends (or some of your own!) to create a custom body scent.



Everybody Body Elixir

  • horsetail: rich in collagen supporting silica- horsetail helps to strengthen the cellular matrix of the hair, skin and nails. 

    hibiscus: known in the green beauty world as "nature's botox", hibiscus is high in hydroxycitric acid which helps to plump up skin cells for vibrant, glowing skin.

    wild rosehips: high in bioavailable vitamin c, wild rosehips help to fight and protect against free radical damage promoting youthful aging.