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Reconnect with your inner Alchemist and discover how to create nourishing herbal teas for pleasure + medicine.


In this hands on, intimate workshop you will gain knowledge on medicinal leaves, roots, flowers, barks, berries and seeds while discovering the art of tea crafting by understanding flavor and palate notes, medicinal actions, companion herbs, and so much more.


After receiving a lesson in herbs + blending basics, you will have the opportunity to create your own healing, delicious brews and "pick the herbalist's brain" to design elixirs specific for you and your unique body. Wrap up each of your delicious tisanes in beautiful packaging for gifting, or as a sacred present for yourself.


This class is perfect for any tea lover, sprouting herbalist, cocktail creationist, culinary genius, or the DIY-er.


What your ticket includes~

-Teachings, notes and recipes from Lauren Mary
-4 organic herbal teas, handcrafted by you!  
-Treats + refreshments from the elixir + organic snack bar
-Swag bag filled with samples, coupons + other locally sponsered gratis
-An amazing opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals


Investment: $100

Herbal Elixir Crafting


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