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Create your own natural, handcrafted holiday gifts for everyone on your Christmas list!

In this three hour workshop, you will make four beautiful, thoughtful, and nature inspired gifts using organic botanicals and oils all adorned in beautiful packaging. 


You will create~

-Holiday Ambiance Room Mist: choose from my recipes such as Gingerbread Cookie, Christmas Orange, Candy Cane, Let it Snow, Christmas Tree-- or create your own unique blend!

-Botanical Body Polish: Create a feminine Coco-Rose body polish recipe, or a Spruce + Spirulina Detox body scrub.

-Herbal Remedy Roll-on: Choose from my recipes to create a tension tonic, hangover blend, muscle release, or create your own custom blend!

-Herbal Broth Base: Create your own Smokey + Sweet Pho Broth blend, or a Vegetable + Herb Broth blend. 


What your ticket includes~

Teachings, notes and recipes from Lauren Mary
4 precious, naturally handcrafted gifts!  
Treats + refreshments from the elixir + organic snack bar
Swag bag filled with samples, coupons + other locally sponsered gratis
An unique outing for a couple, BFF'S, mother + daughters, etc!

Or, come solo and have amazing opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals!

Herbal Holiday Gifts


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