Rose Quartz Gua Sha- your new favorite beauty tool.


If you have ever paid a trip to your acupuncturist, she/he may have used Gua Sha techniques on sore, tense muscles or congested areas.


Facial Gua Sha moves lymphatic fluids and releases the fascia so your skin can function optimally. Until you try Gua Sha, you truly do not even realize how much tension is being held in your face. These tools break down adhesions and hardness in the muscles, especially in the jaw. The result of using this intense practice, is the signficant boost of blood and qi to the skin, resulting in a glowing complexion.


So if you are dealing with congestion, breakouts, bruxism, grinding or just overall feel that your skin could use a boost- Gua Sha is QUEEN!

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Crystal Boards

  • Starting on freshly cleansed skin, moisturized with a generous amount of facial oil, stroke from the midline of the face moving outwards. Always finish off by stroking downwards on your nexk to drain lymphatic fluid.