Empowered Fertility + Pregnancy

September 22 2-6pm

Navina Yoga

#211 316 Windermere Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB


Formally known as the Pregnancy + The Empowered Mother Workshop held by Jill Godin (Nurse + founder of Essentials by Nature) and Lauren Mary (Holistic Doula and founder of Lauren Mary Holistics).

This 4 hour, hands on and educational workshop is designed for women and expectant mamas who desire to discover more on the art of nourishing the fourth trimester for a healthy and empowered babymoon.

This workshop is for:

-Women who are interested in both medical + alternative views of management of health

-Women who are expecting with their first, second, third, or seventh baby!

-Birth and/or Post Partum Doulas, Birth Workers and Nurses


In this workshop we will be discussing:


  • Discover how you can prepare your body a vaginal or cesearean birth using alternative medicines such as herbs, essential oils, and supplementation.

  • Leading up to my expected due date, what kind of questions should I be asking my care provider?

  • How to build a "Birth Better" tool kit to bring with you to the hospital, or to have with you during your home birth.

  • Spinning Babies: What is it, and how can I use these simple movement techniques to help baby into an optimal position?

Post-Birth Recovery:

  • Practical, Medical and Holistic wisdom on caring for your body post birth

  • Symptom Management: What can I use to treat common aches and pains?

  • Doctor + Midwife Follow up appointments: What should I expect?

  • What to expect from your home visits with the Alberta Based Program, Healthy Beginnings.

  • Placenta Encapsulation: FAQ 

  • Building a village: Edmonton's Best Post Partum Resources

Breast Feeding: 

  • Breastfeeding: Initiation, Supply, and When to ask for help

  • Breastfeeding Issues: what to do when dealing with engorgement, low supply, mastitis, blocked ducts, etc.

  • Nutrition and Plant Medicine to nourish the milk supply- and what supplements, herbs and essential oils you need to avoid

Post Partum Mood: 

  • An understanding of hormonal fluctuations that occur post birth, what feelings and thoughts are normal to experience, and when to get help.

  • Symptoms of post partum mood disorders

  • Preventing post partum mood disorders  with  nutrition, supplements, and your village

  • Treating post partum mood disorders- pharmaceutical medications, and professional psychology resources



DIY Workshop:

Create your own Ceremonial Milk Bath to heal and nourish your post partum body and honor the momentous marathon of bringing your baby earthside.




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The Empowered Mother


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