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Beautiful and meticulously handcrafted Yoni Stools, made from fragrant Canadian cedarwood in Edmonton, Alberta. Yoni steaming is a radical practice of self love, wellness and sacred femininity. These stools hold so much magic and are sure to be an heirloom peice in your matriarchy. Our Yoni Steam Stools are sanded to smooth perfection, without the use of any toxic chemicals, ensuring a safe steam experience. 


How to use the Yoni Steam Stool

To learn how to best use your yoni steam stool and for FAQ, please visit our blog post, here. 


Processing Time

Please allow 1-3 weeks to receive your yoni stool. We offer complimentary delivery for orders in Edmonton, no charge will be included at the checkout.


Medicinal Properties of Cedarwood

Cedarwood has an abundance of magikal properties that made it our key choice in creating our stools. Cedarwood has been known in its use for creating ceremonial spaces, cleansing negative energies, and holding a potent vibration - it is why Cedarwood is called "The Tree of Life". 




Yoni Steam Stool + Botanical Steam Bundle


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